McDoinalds-lap-danceWhile I thought they were supposed to be called madame’s, I guess Jay-Z is right. “Ladies is pimps too.”

Though I wouldn’t exactly call a pimp conducting a job interview of a prospective hooker, while scarfing down Big Mac’s at McDonald’s, a “lady.”

Via The Morning Call:

Trisha Elaine Pinel, 30, of 24 S. 17th St., was charged Friday with recruiting a woman to work for her as a prostitute under those terms, which were hammered out during a job interview in the presence of an undercover trooper, according to police.

According to a police affidavit filed in court, a confidential informant contacted troopers to report she had posted an online advertisement for prostitution services, and that a woman named “Star” contacted her saying she had a prostitution business involving other girls who work for her.

Star offered the informant a job as a hooker, police said. The pair discussed how the logistics of the operation, including that Star would post online ads for the informant’s services and that she would take care of the informant’s needs, including bailing her out if she were ever arrested, the affidavit says

Star vowed to protect the informant, saying she didn’t have to do anything, such as anal sex, if she was uncomfortable with it, police said. Read More…