67-year-old eccentric millionaire John McAfee, the founder of the self-named anti-virus software company, who was in the news late last year for running from law enforcement in Belize who were investigating the murder of his neighbor, has release a YouTube video. His second one actually**, and it is awesome.

Most of the video is devoted to discussing the struggles of keeping a harem: “The constant bickering, jealous and demands for attention” while his seven ‘girlfriends’ were in the house, “reached such an extreme… that oftentimes I considered tying a boat anchor around my waist and walking off my pier.

The best part:

The four most popular questions are #1 did i murder my neighbor in Belize, (#2) was I manufacturing illegal drugs in Central America, (#3) was I having sex with underage girls, and (#4) was I using bath salts… I can answer a resounding no to all three of those questions.



**Actually its not his second he has about a dozen on his YouTube channel.