Lady garden’s are not for hiding things. Being a man, I don’t have one of course, but somehow I don’t believe that kitty was meant to be used in that way. That didn’t stop Ericka Marie Danna, 25, of Oklahoma City, who was arrested last Saturday night for disturbing the peace, from using her hooha to hide her pipe.


25-year-old Ericka Marie Danna, really attached to her favorite weed pipe.

Police were called to a home in the 3500 block of NW 17th Street on Saturday to a disturbance outside the home. When they arrived, they arrested 25-year-old Ericka Marie Danna for disturbing the peace.

They took her to the Oklahoma County Jail where she was searched. That’s when officials say they found a pipe in the woman’s body cavity. Police say the pipe smelled of marijuana.

I just have two questions. 1) how deep of a body cavity search was it that they found something lodged up her love tunnel and 2) who in the heck sniffed it after it was pulled out?