Phuc X. Kieu, 58, of Orlando, Florida was released after new evidence showed that the sexual assault and robbery charges levied against him were untrue.

This past Sunday in Gainesville, Florida, police arrested and charged Phuc X. Kieu, 58, of Orlando, FL, with sexual battery, robbery and kidnapping. He was accused of assaulting and attempting to rape a man who was withdrawing money from an ATM machine.

Via The UK Daily Mail:

‘The defendant [Kieu] parked his vehicle (green Honda Civic), laid the driver’s seat all the way back and proceeded to watch homosexual pornography on a portable DVD player,’ the report says.

It continues ‘As the victim passed the driver’s side of the vehicle, the defendant exited, grabbed the victim, punched him in the mouth and grabbed he bag containing the money the victim withdrew.’

Kieu, of Orlando, then allegedly tried to undress the man, who was able to get out of Kieu’s Civic, the report says.

At the time, Kieu also allegedly tried to take the man’s backpack from him, which contained the money from the ATM. Read More…


Jeremy Mitchell Foster, 21, of Starke, Florida has been charged with filing a false report after accusing Phuc Kieu of attempted rape.

Now two days later the whole thing has unraveled. It turns out that the “victim” Jeremy Mitchell Foster, 21, of Starke, Florida, made the whole thing up. Foster, admitted to police that the whole story was a farce after new surveillance video was revealed.

Via First Coast News:

Afterward, the man known as Phuc X Kieu was released from jail.

But the damage had been done. On Monday, GPD circulated an arrest report containing the false accusations leveled at Kieu — even uploading it online due to “popular demand.” The post has since been taken down.

“It was well after the story broke that GPD investigators determined that the statements provided by Foster were false,” spokesperson Ben Tobias said in a release Wednesday.

“The on-scene officers conducted a thorough investigation, including speaking with apparent witnesses,” the release said. “At the time, based on information revealed during the investigation, Mr. Kieu was arrested.”

It turns out, a thorough investigation didn’t include looking at surveillance video from a nearby business. That video surfaced during a follow-up investigation after Kieu’s arrest, according to GPD. Read More…

It looks like Phuc Kieu needs to give a big Fuck You to the false accuser for soiling his cool name.