John Dettor, 59, of Washington, D.C., arrested for unlawful mischief after breaking into a Vermont Police Station.

When attempting to commit a crime, usually one tries to get away from the police, but that’s not what one idiot did last Thursday night in Shelburne, VT.

According to Police, John Dettor, 59, of Washington, D.C., was trying to find a nice warm spot to lay down for the night and thought he was breaking into a school. Because of course as I learned during my four years of High School there is no better place to catch a few z’s then sitting in a boring Algebra class.

It turns out however that it was not a school that Dettor was breaking into, but the Shelburne Police station.

Via The Daily Mail:

Shelburne Police said Dettor, who is homeless, used a traffic cone to break the glass to get inside.

He was arrested on suspicion of unlawful mischief and ended up in the Chittenden Correctional Center,

Dettor told police that he had genuinely believed that the police station was a school and had broken in because he was looking for a warm place to stay, according to WFFF-TV.

It was not immediately known if the man had a lawyer.

He was due to be arraigned on September 19. Read More…

Look at his smile on that mugshgot, his shenanigans are just cheeky and fun.