I really don’t go to the movies much anymore, heck I only really just started watching movies again just recently when I cut the cable and am now relying solely on Hulu and Netflix to watch TV.

But if I wanted to go the movies, it would be nice if the State Legislature here in Ohio took another page from Wisconsin, and do what they might do there…. legalize alcohol sales in movie theaters.

If you’re a movie-goer who loves a beverage at the theater, how would you feel if buying a beer was an option?  There’s a provision added to the state budget that would let movie theaters apply for a liquor license.

One of the recent changes the Joint Finance Committee made to the state budget was a provision that would let a movie theater apply for a class B beer or liquor license.

“This motion clarifies state law.  Currently, entertainment centers can apply for liquor licenses.

Most communities agree that a movie theater is an entertainment center, but not all do.  So this motion adds movie theaters to the list of entertainment centers in state law.  It’s still up to the locals whether to grant a license.  It doesn’t force them to,” says Bob Delaporte, a spokesperson from Sen. Alberta Darling’s office.  Darling is a co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee.

Think about that, the government letting free adults, do adult things. It’s sad that this is a novel idea.