Juggalos: Jeremy Lewallen, 18 (left), and his 42-year-old wife Carrie Carley (right), have been accused of stealing $2,000 worth of Christmas displays from their neighbors in Colorado Springs.

Fucking juggalos. Eye bleach is always something that is required whenever reading about juggalos in the news, never has that been more true then in the case of Carrie Carley, 42 and her 18-year-old husband, Jeremy Lewallen.

Jeremy, an aspiring “rapper,” who goes by the name ‘Reaper Tha Fallen Assasin,’ and Carley met last year and were married a few short months later. They were both recently arrested and charged with stealing more then $2000 worth of Christmas decorations from their Colorado Springs neighbors.

Via The Colorado Springs Gazette:

Carrie Lewallen told police that some of the decorations had come from her husband’s parents and some she had bought on layaway.

She couldn’t produce proof of ownership and later told police “she would wake up in the morning with new decorations in her yard and nobody would tell her anything about where they came from,” the affidavits state.

Lewallen later admitted the decorations were stolen.

Jeremy Lewallen told police he had stolen the hodgepodge of holiday lawn ornaments because he “tends to do ‘dumb stuff,’ ” Voltz wrote in the arrest affidavit, quoting 

Of the 13 victims listed in the arrest affidavit, many got all or some of their grassy garnishes back.

Police executed a search warrant Friday and found dozens more decorations, recovering 50 to 75 items, the affidavit stated.

The Lewallens face theft charges associated with the stolen items and are being held in the El Paso County jail on $1,000 bond.

Carrie Lewallen is being held under the name Carrie Carley.

They are scheduled to have their first court appearances Tuesday.

Jeremy Lewallen reportedly laughed when Voltz asked him if he thought about affecting kids’ Christmases by stealing their displays of Christmas cheer.

“He then chuckled and shrugged his shoulders,” Voltz wrote, “indicating to me he did not care about who he affected by stealing from 
others.” Read More…

What a lovely couple. Here is a sample of some of Jeremy’s mad rap skills below.