Glorious leader, the almighty messiah, the spreader of wealth and the bringer of hope and of change today, by the White House’s own admission forced the CEO of General Motors to step down today.

General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner is stepping down as head of the embattled automaker CNBC has learned Sunday.

Wagoner’s resignation comes as the company awaits president Barack Obama’s reports on efforts to save GM and Chrysler.

It is unclear if Wagoner’s resignation is one of the stipulations for the federal government to lend billions more to GM. But sources close to the talks say tough conditions will be attached to any future aid.

President Obama will update the public on the Treasury Department’s next step in helping GM and Chrysler on Monday afternoon.

A senior White House official did not deny to CNBC that the Obama administration influenced Wagoner’s departure.

Where are all you scumbag piece of shit liberals whom for the past 8 years have been crying and complaining that George W. Bush was an evil dictator? I don’t remember Bush ever once imposing his will on the CEO of an organization in the private sector, like Barack Obama has barely even 90 days in office.

Our founding fathers are looking down at us with great shame Americans, because we are standing by doing nothing as our Marxist scumbag of a president is doing everything in his power to destroy everything that has made America the greatest country on God’s green earth.