James O'Keefe of Project Veritas & Captain Bob Swiney

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas & Captain Bob Swiney

Thankfully the “terrorist” in question was only someone in a cheap costume shop ninja outfit and there was no Ebola virus, it was just a video depicting a possible scenario. Does the above headline, or another headline similar to it have the chance of one-day coming true? It’s a possibility, at least according to James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.

Last month, O’Keefe, who gained national attention in 2008 with the under-cover video that lead to the eventual disbanding of ACORN, released a video depicting him crossing the southern border from Mexico. In this video he was wearing an Osama bin Laden mask as he walked across the Rio Grande River.

Last week he came to Cleveland.

According to O’Keefe:

It was so easy to cross into the United States from Mexico, we began asking questions about the Northern border. After all, British intelligence believes more than 500 British citizens have joined ISIS, and British citizens can enter Canada without a visa.

O’Keefe rented a bout from Fishfull Thinking Charters in Eastlake, OH and on September 5th, filmed a video depicting an ‘Ebola infected ISIS terrorist’ with a bag full of ricin entering the US from Canada across Lake Erie and walking into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame unchecked.

The video itself is really cheesy, but facts behind it are chilling.

In an interview with my local bird cage liner, The Plain Dealer, captain Bob Swiney (the charter-boat captain) said that they did not actually cross into Canada, stopping halfway across Lake Erie & turning around. To cross the border they would have had to “self report,” by calling the border patrol and having everyone’s passports ready.

“I am not going to sacrifice my captain’s license for that,” said Swiney, who agreed it would be possible for terrorists to enter the United States by coming across Lake Erie from Canada.

He classified the video as a “tongue-in-cheek” dramatization of a potentially serious problem, but said he doesn’t know of any “quick and easy” way to improve security.

“Whatever you do, it will require manpower and dollars,” said Swiney. “I think we need to get a lot smarter about what we protect and how we protect it.”

I live in the town that the boat was chartered from, I have been on Lake Erie & have never seen the Border Patrol, but have seen how easy it is to cross the border unchecked in either direction. While I lean libertarian for a large amount of issues, it is scenarios such as this, where I differ with the open-border nutjobs.

I say bring our soldiers home from that hell-hole in the Middle East, we shouldn’t have another American soldier sent back to his parents in a pine box draped in a flag just so we can nation-build over there. Bring our boys and girls home, put them on both the southern & northern borders and make them tighter then a frog’s waterproof ass.