From Action 3 News in Omaha:

Lincoln, NE – A Halloween celebration is blown for one teenager.  Officers saw someone swerving on the road and driving too fast.  When they pulled over 19-year-old Matthew Nieveen they got a huge surprise.  Nieveen was wearing a Breathalizer outfit.  Police also found a half-full bottle of vodka and several cans of beer. Police used a real intoxilyzer to determine Neiveen was two-times over the legal limit.  Neiveen was cited for several offenses; including driving under the influence, minor in possession, open container and negligent driving.  Authorites sent him to a detox unit.  The DUI is his second offense.  Neiveen’s passengers also celebrated the holiday by wearing French maid and naughty border patrol costumes.  They ended up with tickets for under-age drinking.

This is funny. I originally found this at the Smoking Gun, man do I love that site.