That’s right in honor of the insane statements made by Cleveland Browns Head Coach Romeo Crennell, I figure that I shall make one of my own.

Given a year’s time I believe that I can develop an engine that runs on absolutely nothing. Nothing would need to be consumed to power this motor, thus no by products would be emitted into the atmosphere as a result of this new motor I believe I can invent. I will solve America’s fuel problems and save the environment all at the same time.

And if anybody actually believes that, you are certifiably delusional just like Cleveland Brown’s head Coach Romeo Crennell whom Monday actually made the statement to reporters that he believes he can turn the Browns around.

“I think that if given the chance, I can turn it around,” said Crennel, 24-39 in Cleveland since 2005. “We won 10 last year, so I feel like we can win 10 again or win more. That’s not in my hands, that’s not in my control. All I can do is make a case for myself and say that, given the chance, I would be able to get it turned around.”

As for Crennel, he’s confident that because of his relationship with Lerner that he’ll have an opportunity to outline why he should return for a fifth season. That doesn’t mean he will be back, though.

“He’s got a lot of different things he’s got to consider and look at,” Crennel said of Lerner. “He will make that determination in January after the season’s over. At that time, when I get the chance to sit down and talk with him, then I can make my case. He’s going to have to decide whether I’ve made a good enough case or whether he wants to stay with me in this job.”

Crennel has never used injuries as an excuse, and he’s not about to start. He is certain, however, that without them, the Browns would be much better.

“People don’t want to hear excuses,” he said. “They want to know why you didn’t win. If you win, sometimes you can play poorly and win and everybody is OK with it. And when you lose, they want to know why you didn’t win and that’s the nature of this business and you have to understand that coming in.”

Romeo Crennell seams like a great guy, the type of grandfatherly figure you’d love to drink a few beers with and go fishing with. That though, is part of his downfall, because his players love him — a little too much.

Looking at the lack of inspired play on everybody on the team with the exception of Joshua Cribbs, Corey Williams and the last few games Willie McGinest — it’s easy to see that while they may like Romeo they don’t respect or at least fear him.

The Cleveland Browns are playing like a team that is flat out not prepared to suit up and play 60 minutes of football each week and that comes down on the Head Coach. It is the head Coach’s job to get his players motivated and fired up and most importantly prepared to play and play hard each and every game. Now conventional wisdom and really just common sense should tell you that these guys are millionaires who are getting paid to play a game and should not need motivation from their coach — but unfortunately things don’t work that way.

Combine that with the idiotic play calling, poor clock management decisions and inefficient use of personnel that has plagues the Browns all season and you have a team that has not scored an offensive touchdown in 20 whole quarters of play.

Romeo Crennell you are a nice guy, and were a very good Coordinator and position coach, which I’m sure you will be again someday, but you are plain and simply not a very good Head Coach.