Breyana Gallagher, 22, in court after she was arrested for driving drunk. During her arrest she was wearing nothing but a bra.

This past Saturday morning police arrested Breyana Gallagher, 22, of University Place, Washington under suspicion of drunk driving. Now you just know with a name like “Breyana,” this has got to be a good story. The only more police-blotter worthy white girl name is one of any one of those normal names with “Lynne” attached at the end of them.

Police observed her swerving in-and-out of traffic, passing up a red light as well as doing it all while traveling the wrong direction down Highway 509. When police tried to pull her over, Gallagher sped away and they had to eventually use a pit maneuver to force her silver Honda Civic to a stop.

After her car was finally stopped, Gallagher refused police commands to get out of the car, so officers broke the driver’s side window. That is when they discovered that she was wearing absolutely nothing more than a bra.

Via KOMO News:

“It’s not every day you find someone naked driving down the street – especially in the condition she was in,” said Sgt. Tom Thompson with the Fife Police Department. “A female corrections officer even tried to help her to get into a jail outfit. She didn’t want to have any of that.”

Gallagher has no criminal history, state records show. The lifelong Pierce County resident has a few speeding tickets, the prosecutor’s office said Monday.

“She’s a good girl,” Gallagher’s grandfather said after her court appearance Monday. He wouldn’t elaborate.

Gallagher told police she thought she was in Kitsap County. She was taken to the Pierce County Jail and booked for investigation of eluding and driving under the influence. Read More…

I just love the above quote from the Police Sergeant about not every day you find someone driving down the street naked, “especially in the condition she was in.” Apparently sober girls must drive around naked all the time.