You know right now I actually feel like an even bigger Cavaliers fan that I was before. Daniel Gilbert and the Cavs organization did everything at all possible to build a team around LeBron James, but were hampered from the get go for multiple reasons. Amongst them was the fact that James in his seven years here, and signing that 3 year deal a few years back refused to firmly commit, making it hard for the Cavs to build around him.

They could not build to win for the future, they had to build to win immediately. While teams such as the Knicks tanked it on purpose and shed space to try and clear up the room to sign Lebron, the Cavs tried to build a team to win right away.

Its hard to do that when these spoiled rich assholes of players today are more concerned about playing in cities with the nightlife and stuff of the Miami’s and New York’s etcetera. Even with Lebron James here, guys did not want to come here because its Cleveland.

Lebron can go down to Miami, and even if they win multiple titles, he will be nothing but Wade’s sidekick. That’s Wade’s team, he already has a title there.

He doesn’t have to have the killer instinct of the far superior Kobe Bryant, he gets to be the best regular season player in the league and let D Wade carry the load come clutch time. LeBron lost his chance to be Michael Jordon, he’ll be nothing more then Scottie Pippen now.

Good bye and good riddance Prince James.

Go Cavs!