Only two people know what truly happened on the horrible night of February 26, 2012 in Sanford and sadly one of those two people will never be able to tell his side of the story. Following the not guilty verdict social media has filled up with everything from full on anger and calls to riot, to disgusting shows of pure joy at the acquittal.

My reaction falls on neither side of that spectrum, the sad fact is that someone lost a son. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the horrors that Trayvon Martin’s parents are experiencing in the loss of their son. Someone lost a child, someone lost a brother, someone lost a friend and a family member. On the flip side of that, even though unlike Martin, George Zimmerman continues to walk this earth and will do so a free man, he will always have to look over his shoulder in fear as well as live the rest of the life knowing that another life was taken by his hand, irregardless of the fact that a jury of his peers found his actions justifiable.

The bigger story in this whole ordeal, if it is possible for something to be a bigger story then someone’s death,  is the narrative largely created by the media that has been built around the case. On the night in question a 5’7” out of shape multiracial Hispanic 28 year old male encountered a 5’11” muscular and athletic Black 17 year old male, a horrible and avoidable series of events quickly followed that led to the death of the 17 year old.

Sadly, the above encounter with very similar demo-graphical details plays out on almost any given night in some inner city across America without barely even a brief mention in the National media. The story on everyone’s lips in the the weeks following the incident of Feb 26 was racist white man guns down innocent black teenager in cold blood.

Let the facts be dammed, George Zimmerman was convicted in the court of public opinion as a hateful evil white racists and young Trayvon Martin was an innocent victim and pictured youthful and innocent in his white hoodie would go on to be elevated to iconic status.

If a 28 year old Black male shot a 17 year old multiracial Hispanic in the streets of my hometown Cleveland, would it be a national news story? Or would it just be another case to toss on the way too large pile?

Do I think George Zimmerman is innocent of any wrong doing? That’s irrelevant he was judged by a jury of his peers, who had found that there was enough reasonable doubt to find him not-guilty of murder. Do I think that the events of Feb 26 could have and should have been avoided allowing for both George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin to be walking this earth and no one outside of their friends and family knowing who they are — absolutely.

That has nothing to do with the fact that this case should have never been the national media story that it became, further antagonizing the state of race relations in our Country.

That’s all I have, other then in the words of rapper Lupe Fiasco, RIP Trayvon Martin and may God watch over your family.