Police in LaPorte, Indiana, reporting to a call from JJ’s Sideout Bar & Grill, totally harshed a dude’s mellow as he was just trying to have a good time while licking a toad’s backside. I mean, who hasn’t done that?


On arrival, officers observed bar security staff standing on the sidewalk with Richard Mullins, 41, of LaPorte. Mullins was barefoot and carrying his sandals.

Security staff told police that Mullins started to enter the bar and was asked for proper identification. He allegedly ignored the request and refused to speak with staff. He was advised that if he didn’t provide ID he would have to leave. After not producing anything, he was escorted outside and told to leave the property.

He proceeded to dance around in the parking lot, picked up a toad and began licking it, according to witnesses.

While police spoke with Mullins, he remained on the public sidewalk, dancing. He was warned not to return onto JJ’s property or he would be arrested. Read More…

Of course he was arrested, because a few minutes later he returned to the bar’s parking lot with another toad in hand.