Tom Morello and Zack de la Rocha, the guitarist and vocalist respectively for Rage Against The Machine, could learn a lot from these guys. Unfortunately, here in America its trendy to be a communist, when you can sing about the so called glories of communism while living in a free country devoid of the oppression of communism.

The following is the trailer to an upcoming movie about the underground music scene in Cuba called, �Cuba Rebeli�N! In the video Gorki Agula, the singer of the band Porna para Ricardo, who was jailed by the Castro regime for his song lyrics, talks about how he should have the right to play music critical of the communist regime.

The band, Porno para Ricardo, is not left-wing, nor are they right-wing they are not members of any political party or endorse any political movement. They just know that communism is an unjust system and they want the right to be able to express that freely.

I bet if Gorki Agula were a jailed musician from a pro-Bush government somewhere in the world, their would probably be a benefit concert for him headlined by Rage Against The Machine and the like.

Hat Tip to: Hip Hop Republican

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