According to their website, “… Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine is the very first authentic mountain moonshine ever legally produced by the Hatfields and McCoys. With a taste as original as its name, our moonshine is home fermented, home distilled, and home bottled in small batches in our distillery located in the southern mountains of Gilbert, West Virginia.”

It looks like the family feud has ended and after a couple of generations, the Hatfields & McCoys have combined to form a business distilling moonshine all with the blessing of the strong arm of the government.

Via The Denver Post / AP:

Production of “Drink of the Devil” has been in full swing at a distillery on original Hatfield land, bringing batches to the nation’s store shelves using the original recipe of family patriarch William Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield.

Overseen by Chad Bishop, husband of Hatfield’s great-great-great granddaughter, all the work is done by hand in a converted garage on a mountainside six miles from “Devil Anse” Hatfield’s gravesite.

After going through fermentation and distilling processes at Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine, batches are bottled, corked and packaged in-house before being shipped to West Virginia, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

“This is as close as you’ll get to the way it was made 150 years ago,” Bishop said.

Among those lending knowledge and elbow grease to the business are Bishop’s wife, Amber, and her mother, Nancy Hatfield, the oldest living descendant of “Devil Anse.”

Ronald McCoy, a great-great grandson of McCoy patriarch Randolph “Ole Ran’l” McCoy, was a consultant for the distillery’s startup and the product’s testing and marketing. Read More…

Technically, since taxes were paid, they are making “white whiskey” and not “moonshine.”