Modern medicine, isn’t it wonderful?

Doctors in the Czech Republic have created an artificial vagina for an unidentified woman whose love canal was so narrow that she could no longer have sex. The woman suffers from an extreme case of scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that causes hard, thickened areas of skin.

She was sent to University Hospital in the town of Plzen, Czech Republic, after her gynecologist found she was so narrow it was not even possible to carry out an examination.

To try and help her condition, surgeons decided to use a technique called a Mesh Augmented Vaginal Reconstruction. The mesh that was used, came from the intestines of a pig.

Via The UK Daily Mail:

Pig tissue is often used because its genetic make up is similar to that of humans.

For over 30 years, scientists have been using pigs in a number of medical fields, including dermatology and cardiology.

Scientists have even re-grown human leg muscles using implants made of pig bladder tissue.

During surgery to treat the Czech patient, surgeons made an incision to enlarge the narrowed area.

They then used the mesh made from pig’s intestine to widen the walls of the woman’s vagina.

And following the success of the operation, the doctors now plan to publish a scientific paper on the technique.

Vladimir Kalis, head doctor of the gynaecological-obstetrical clinic at the hospital, told CEN: ‘Two years ago, the woman started to have problems during sex.

‘The illness had narrowed the vaginal entrance so much that even gynaecological examinations were not possible.’

Dr Kalis said many women suffer with the same problem – but most are too embarrassed to ask for help.

He said: ‘In the case of the patient we operated on, she had been given various medications by her gynaecologist but nothing helped, so she referred to us.’

He acknowledged that vaginal surgery was not common and was usually to performed for the opposite problem.

He added: ‘The material used is referred to as pig net.

‘Its thickness is about one millimetre.

‘Over time human tissue will be created around the net and the pig net will be absorbed by the body.’

He added that the surgery lasted about one hour and the patient left hospital after five days. Read More…

Wow, they are making everything taste like bacon these days.