Dave-MustaineA few weeks back, during Metallica Night at AT&T Park in the People’s Republic of San Fransicko, James Hetfield & Kirk Hammet of Metallica performed the National Anthem before the Giants game.

Now unrelated to that, here is a studio recorded version of the Star Spangled Banner, done by onetime Metallica guitarist, Dave Mustaine for the upcoming Dinesh D’Souza documentary ‘America.’ This also marks 45 years since Jimi Hendrix recorded his famous version of the song.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“First off, no version of our national anthem is or will ever be better than the original,” Mustaine said. “My inspiration and take on the song for the film was our Founding Fathers and wondering what they would think of us today if they saw what we had become. My hope for America is that we’ll become a nation they’d be proud of again and I tried to capture that with my guitar.”

The video, which is embedded below along with the Hendrix version at Woodstock, consists of audio of Mustaine playing guitar to snippets of the movie, and it acts as a teaser trailer for America. Read More…