Stephen Meade, 88, dress-wearing losing congressional candidate in San Diego may undergo heart surgery after he was hospitalized on election day.

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

I first saw this over at IOTWReport and initially thought that it was a joke, but no, its an honest-to-goodness true story.

Via The Los Angeles Times:

Stephen Meade, the dress-wearing Republican candidate for Congress in southern San Diego County, was rushed to the hospital on election day and may undergo open-heart surgery.

Meade, 88, was defeated by incumbent Democrat Rep. Juan Vargas in the heavily Democratic 51st Congressional District that includes Imperial County. Read More…

Meade, lost the election 67-33 in a district that is 70% Latino and where registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans nearly 2-1. Combine that with the fact that he had no money, no campaign website, no endorsement from the local GOP, as a matter of fact they really even refused to acknowledge his candidacy — that’s a pretty good effort.

After serving in World War II and then attending college, Meade was a reporter for the Los Angeles Examiner, also sold electronics and worked in real estate. He’s also fairly Conservative.

Meade said he had toyed in the past with running for office but was discouraged by the expense and effort involved. Also he did not want to start with a low-level office.

This year, Meade said, he noticed that Vargas was not attracting any challengers. So he signed up with only a day to spare.

Meade thinks liberals and labor unions are driving the country into bankruptcy; he is hawkish on foreign policy. He accuses government of allowing monopolies in the cable television industry to gouge consumers.

As a reporter in Los Angeles, he covered courts and police, including some of the infamous murders of the late 1950s. He knows that it is his clothing, not his politics, that makes him newsworthy; he has no problem with that, his days of hiding are over.

When he dressed as a man, he was overweight. He shows reporters a picture of himself wearing men’s clothes and with a pot belly. Since opting for women’s clothes, he has lost weight.

The Meades live in a mobile home with a view of the Tijuana hills to the south, the ocean to the west. They have a Siamese cat named Coco, but no children. While he does not mind discussing his clothing, Meade figures the issue should not matter to voters.

“My wife doesn’t mind, neither should anyone else,” he said. “It’s about time for Congress to seat one of us girls.”

Hell so what if he’s a little on the freaky side with his choice of lifestyle, other then the whole cross-dressing thing, he’s just the kind of guy Congress needs.