The trial of alleged serial killer Anthony Sowell, began today here in my hometown Cleveland, OH. Jeffrey Dahmer may have gotten his start in Northeast, OH but he did most of his killing in Milwaukee. Now in Anthony Sowell we have our a true homegrown serial killer — another in a long line of things that makes you ashamed to admit that your from Cleveland. It could be worse though, at least we’re not Detroit.

The jury got to take a tour of the home were Sowell stashed his victims. From my local bird cage liner, The Plain Dealer:

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Jurors suited up in rubber gloves, medical masks and paper booties this morning for their guided tour of Anthony Sowell’s Imperial Avenue duplex, where prosecutors say 11 women met  violent ends and where their bodies were discovered in the fall of 2009.

Twelve jurors and four alternates toured the house in groups of four, entering through a back door and working their way methodically through the home’s basement and three floors.

Court bailiffs stationed on each floor guided the jurors to take note of the layout and to observe significant areas – such as the crawl space beneath the basement stairs, where police found multiple bodies during weeks of excavation.

That’s really not the type of field trip I want to take before being sequestered for a potentially long and drawn out trial. I watch the video of the tour of Sowell’s house and can’t believe that Sowell or anyone else actually lived there. Not only did Sowell live their, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s niece who was dating Anthony Sowell — actually lived there not that long before he was caught.

Sick, just plain sick.