John Arwood, 31, and Amber Campbell, 25, were arrested and charged with trespassing after being found trapped in a closet at Daytona State College in Florida, that turned out to be unlocked. Police arrived after receiving a 911 call from Arwood.

There is no doubt in my mind that if these two shared enough brain cells between the two of them to even know how to vote, that they would both be Obama voters.

On Tuesday, December 30th, John Arwood, 31, and his girlfriend Amber Campbell, 25, were “rescued” from inside a closet at Daytona State College, which was closed for the holiday break. I used the quotation marks around the word rescued, because when police arrived, answering the 911 call of John Arwood, which was placed after being in said closet for two days, they found that the closet was not in fact locked. The dumb ass Obama voters could have “escaped” any time they wanted.

Oh yeah, the room also smelled like meth and feces. The latter of the two was found in the closet, police actually did not find any drugs.

Via The NY Daily News:

When asked what they were doing inside the closet, the couple reportedly told police that they were hiding after being chased on campus by unknown suspects.

Jailhouse records show that this was Campbell’s second booking in Volusia County following charges in 2013 for aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer with a firearm, escape, resisting an officer with violence, and giving a false name upon being arrested.

It was Arwood’s fourth time, however, following multiple arrests for driving with a suspended license among other charges. Read More…

The pair were both arrested for trespassing.