Never have I thought in my lifetime that I would attend a “protest rally,” It is just quite simply the type of act that I would never imagine myself doing. That is the sort of thing that patchouli oil smelling hippies in Birkenstocks do — I have much more productive things to do with my free time.

Or so I thought.

Yes while I have been an on and off, sporadic at best blogger for the past few years, I have not really done anything meaningful to try and better my country, other then showing up on election day and casting my ballot.

Today I made the decision to call off of work and head down to the local tax day tea party rally in Cleveland.

I am so very glad that I did.

It was a wonderful day, I had a great big smile on my face and I am normally not one to really smile often, but it was great to be with like minded, right minded individuals.

There are still people out there who believe in this great country of ours and believe in the founding principles set forth in our founding documents.

Today was just the beginning, together we can restore the Republic.

I brought a video camera with me, but unfortunately it was an RCA small wonder that I forgot to replace the batteries, so I have nothing more then a few 15 second video snippets that are not worth posting, which is a shame because Carlton C.J. Williams closed the rally with a great version of God Bless America.

Here is one great picture I took though with my iPhone, of one of my favorite signs at the rally, a great quote from Gerald Ford.

04.15.09 Cleveland Tax Day TEA Party - Great Sign!