There is religiosity, there is blind faith and then there is Kaling Wald, 50, of Hamilton, Ontario — who is just plain fucking insane. Wald’s husband Peter, 52, died in March of last year. Did she do what any grieving spouse would do, mourn the loss of her dear husband, have a funeral , grieve while holding her family together as they continue to live their lives.


This undated Google street view image, shows the van that Peter and Kaling Wald drove their family around in, parked outside their Hamilton, Ontario home.

No, she did none of this, because as I have previously said, she’s fucking insane.

Peter Wald suffered from diabetes and had developed a serious infection in his foot, however the devoutly religious man refused to seek medical attention and instead that “God would provide a cure.” Well the big guy upstairs was a little busy and Peter “slipped into a coma”. His devoted wife continued to sleep at his side however, after a few days she started to get a little worried when she had noticed signs of stomach bloat and rigor mortis in the corpse she had been sharing her bed with.

Mrs. Wald, being the devoted religious nut-job that she is, wrapped her dead husbands body in blakents that she secured down in duct tape, leaving his feet to stick out however. She then sealed the door and air vents up, to protect the family from the smells of rotting death coming from corpse dad. Finally she told her poor brainwashed children that if they all “prayed hard enough,” God would bring their dead father back to life.

Via The Hamilton Spectator:

On Monday, Kaling, 50, pleaded guilty to failing to notify police or the coroner that her husband had died due to a sickness that was not being treated by a doctor. It’s the first known case of its kind (involving the resurrection belief) in Canada.

The criminal charges originally laid in the case – neglect of duty regarding a dead body and offering an indignity to a body – were withdrawn and replaced with that single charge under the Coroner’s Act.

Kaling had no ill intent, all agreed. As assistant crown attorney Janet Booy put it, the devout Christian woman’s faith had “tainted and warped her better judgment.”

“We were trusting God…we thought, ‘OK Lord, you know better,” Kaling told the Spectator after court Monday, with lawyer Peter Boushy by her side. Read More…

My favorite quote from the article, is this gem from the looney Mrs. Wald, “It was unusual, yes. It was certainly not normal. And we won’t do that again…laws exist and we know that now.

It’s fucking idiots like this woman that open up the door for dipshit atheists to blast all religious people, including the vast majority of religious people who are normal.