Boobs. What can’t they do?


Sheyla Hershey and her airbags

Via the UK’s Daily Mail:

A 32-year-old model who held the record for the world’s largest implants has walked away from a car crash after her breasts acted as an airbag.

Sheyla Hershey, who has 38KKK breasts, was driving home near Houston, Texas, after a Super Bowl party on Sunday when she crashed into a tree.

The mother was charged with drunk-driving after the incident and allegedly was not wearing a seatbelt when she lost control of her Ford Mustang.

Her car spun around and hit a tree during the crash but she denied the drunk-driving charge in court on Monday, reported the Daily Mirror.

Despite the crash Hershey, who once had 38MMM breasts, avoided injury because her huge bust protected the rest of her body from harm.

Boobs save lives.