This past April, The Sunflower Jam charity put on a concert, Celebrating Jon Lord at the Royal Albert Hall, a night where some of the world’s biggest names in music came together to honor the life and work of the late, great former Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord.


Bruce Dickinson performing Deep Purple’s “Burn” at the Royal Albert Hall in London on April, 4th 2014.

Jon Lord sadly passed away in 2012. Just a few weeks before the release of the just finished remake of what is universally known as the first ever meeting of classical music and rock. The Concerto For Group and Orchestra. The same composition that Purple played live in 1969 at the Royal Albert Hall.

Considering the amount of respect, friendship and love expressed on any occasion by anybody who had worked, played or simply met Jon Lord, it is not a surprise that the 2014 Jam would be dedicated totally to his music. The night turned out to be a historical moment in rock music: A full orchestra, a director – Paul Mann – crazy enough to give wonderful arrangements to a repertoire going back and forth through fifty years of music, many old friends for an unforgettable night.

The Albert Hall sold out to the last seat…


Celebrating Jon Lord [Blu-ray], click the picture to purchase via Amazon.

Jon’s big musical loves were in the room, once again: same venue, many years later, many of the same people involved, a million times more the amount of emotions.

For four hours Jon’s music was shining. Commotion, jokes, laughs and a lot of music came together by magic.

The result is the show you can now hear and watch.

The concert will be released on September 26th and will be available on Blu-ray, CD and digital download formats. Divided into three sets, with the third devoted to a performance from the current Deep Purple (Mark VIII) lineup.

The above clip is legendary Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson & Deep Purple Mark III bass player and vocalist Glen Hughes performing the Deep Purple classic “Burn.”