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After Monday night’s loss to the Eagles, Edwards suggested that his ties to Michigan football have kept him from being embraced by the folks in Ohio.


“I’ve learned being here that I’m very unappreciated,” Edwards said. “Not in the organization, just in the eyes of the fans, the city. Since Day One I’ve been a marked man coming from Michigan. It’s just gone that way. Even when things are good, there’s heckles.”

Braylon, please do a little research on Thom Darden before coming to any conclusions regarding whether Browns fans hold grudges about guys who played for Michigan.

On Tuesday, Edwards continued to chirp.

“I’m not Paul Warfield, Webster Slaughter or Jim Brown,” Edwards said, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’ve given my all to this city for four years, and I realize it will never be enough. I went to the Pro Bowl last year and resurrected this team from the darkness, and nobody cared.”

Seriously Braylon, STFU. Browns fans are not hating on you because you went to Michigan, we are hating on you because this season you have had hands of stone and have dropped an insane amount of passes. Football is a team sport, and it is very rare that one player, especially a Wide Receiver can have so much of an impact that they single handedly cause their team to lose not just a game, but multiple games. But somehow Braylon Edwards you found a way to do it.

Yes, Braylon here in Ohio we Don’t Give a Damn About The Whole State of Michigan, but at the same time we don’t give a damn where our sports figures come from as long as they produce. Hell the majority of Browns fans are clamoring for Bill freaking Cowher who is a god in Pittsburgh to be our next head coach.

All you have to do is do your job and catch the damn ball. Last year you did that and did it great and there was no hating on you. Then this year, you let one year of fame go all to your head and now you make Clifford Franklin from the movie the Replacements look like Jerry Rice.