Peregrine Honig, owner of Honig’s Birdies Panties shop, says her store was raided by Homeland Security agents Monday morning.

It seems that the Department Of Homeland Security has a lot of time on its hands, with the border nice and secure and all possible terrorist threats neutralized, since they took the time this week to raid a Kansas City lingerie shop.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Department of Homeland Security executed a cease-and-desist order and confiscated “Take the Crown” underwear Tuesday afternoon.

The garments were not licensed by Major League Baseball.

Agents told the artist and the owner of the boutique in the Crossroads that the K and C were connected on the underwear which meant she couldn’t sell them. They also briefly handcuffed the man who printed the underwear.

The owner thought it was a little unfair.

“It’s a lot to co-own a small lingerie store and feel like a criminal for printing crowns and KC on blue, cotton, American-made underwear,” Birdies owner Peregrine Honig said. “It seems like a lot.” Read More…

It sure is nice to know that the Federal Government is keeping us safe from counterfeit underwear.