Well it happened again, the rare occasion every 18 months or so when Bill Maher says something that is not totally asinine and I agree with him. Much like when he blasted one of those 9/11 truther whack jobs that was in his audience once, I have to commend him for for something he’s done.

Recently on his HBO show after mentioning that Mohammed (or variations in spelling of) is the #1 new baby name in Great Britain, he had this to say:

Am I a racist to feel I’m alarmed by that because I am,” Maher asked his panel. “And it’s not because of the race. It’s because of the religion. I don’t have to apologize, do I, for not wanting the western world to be taken over by Islam?

Here’s the clip.

Anybody who does not find the spread of Islam into the Western world even a little scary, is either a) fooling themselves, b) an idiot or c) actually embracing it.

I wonder if HBO is going to pull an NPR and fire Maher, ala Juan Williams? I doubt it.