Police arrested Chesie Lawton after she allegedly broke into a Tennessee school, clad in just underwear, and ran through the lunch room screaming.

She’s not old, or nasty-looking, I’m sort of shocked. Though at 23, she still has time to get there.


Memphis police say a scantily-clad woman entered the school cafeteria through an unlocked door, wielding a baseball bat.

“First of all, how did she get into the building without being noticed?” asked another parent.

Eventually, 23 year-old Chesie Lawton was noticed and school staff removed her from the cafeteria before children started arriving for lunch. Police say she was screaming and acting franticly.

That’s also how neighbors say she acted minutes earlier. One of them even got cell phone video of her.

“And, you know, I’ve been seeing her around here, you know, but didn’t think she’d do something like that,” said neighbor Monprel Franklin. Read More…

After she was arrested, she told police she has “diabetes issues.”

She has “issues” all right. Still wouldn’t stop me.