0A14NIRFN5SIHKPR-fill640x320Hermann ‘Pascha’ Müller, owner of a brothel in Salzburg, Austria, is sick and tired of what the tax rates his business has been paying out, and has vowed to no longer be “the tax office’s pimp.” So what is he doing about it?

He’s giving out free sex to customers at his house of ill repute and paying the normal salaries of the working girls out of his own pocket.

Via TheLocal.at

German-born Müller told the Kronen Zeitung that he’s already had to “turn away hundreds of disappointed customers” as he has had a full house since the “summer special” went on offer.

The stunt has been great publicity for him and he says that he plans to continue it for four to eight weeks. Drinks are on the house and Müller says that he is paying the prostitutes’ usual hourly rate out of his own pocket.

“In the last decade I have paid taxes of almost €5 million,” Müller said. “The problem is, the tax office wants more and more, and they are not cracking down on illegal street and apartment prostitution.”

He said that the summer special would be offset by any profits made in his other establishments, and that Pasha would not be liable for any tax during the special offer. Read More…