Heidi Creamer, above, in a mugshot from a separate 2011 arrest, was charged with domestic battery after knocking out her twin sister during an argument over a vibrator.

There is nothing quite as magical as sisterly love, take for example twins, Heidi & Holly Creamer of Florida.

On the afternoon of December, 7th, from the 3rd floor balcony of the apartment that she shares with her sister, Holly Creamer screamed out to neighbors for somebody to call 911. Holly you see moments before was punched in the face and knocked down to the ground by her sister Heidi after a verbal argument the two had over Heidi’s boyfriend as well as a vibrator turned violent.

When police arrived Holly was still up on the balcony and Heidi was locked outside the apartment door screaming obscenities at her battered twin sister. Due to her aggressive behavior and violent outbursts, the officer on the scene restrained Heidi in handcuffs until back up could arrive.

Unfortunately, the police report, did not get into specifics about the nature of the argument over the boyfriend or the sex toy.