Last August I blogged about a South Carolina High School student that was not only suspended from school but placed under arrest. His crime? Writing a fictional story about purchasing a gun, for a school writing assignment.

Well, Apple has decided to join in on the hysteria, just as that South Carolina had “zero tolerance” for a fictional gun, Apple now has zero tolerance for pictures of fictional guns in games available for purchase in their iTunes app store.

While it does not appear that Apple’s ban on imaginary guns has had any effect on actual in-game content, they have begun to reject games for displaying guns in their app store icons and promotional material.

Via Pocket Gamer:

Multiple developers have told Pocket Gamer that Apple is starting to reject games and updates from the App Store, if they use screenshots that show people holding guns, or being maimed or killed.

Apple’s prudish rejection criteria (and the way it treats video games differently to movies) has long been a bone of contention for developers who want to tackle controversial topics. But going after guns and violence? Now that’s a worrying precedent…


The original icon for Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens, had to be changed because of a drawing of a replica gun that came with the original NES for the game Duck Hunt.

I swear the world we live in is getting stupider by the minute. How long before they start digitally removing guns from old movies? Pretty soon I won’t be able to watch The Rifleman reruns on MeTV anymore.