Apparently a woman was photographed recently walking down the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan with a little bit of leg showing and it sent the whole country into an uproar.

Via The BBC:

A woman walking through the streets in a mid-length dress is nothing shocking in most cities in the world.

But a recent photo of exactly that has spread widely – because it was taken in Kabul, Afghanistan.

“I was shocked,” says the man who snapped the photo, local journalist Hayat Ensafi. “I knew I had to catch this special moment because I never saw a woman here walking down the streets like this.”

Women face severe restrictions on clothing and movement in Afghanistan. After he took the photo, Ensafi tried to talk to the mystery woman.

“But she walked very fast and didn’t talk to me at all,” he told BBC Trending.

After Hayat posted the photo on Facebook, thousands of people shared and commented on it. Although it’s difficult to tell exactly how many people have seen the photo, and what constitutes an online trend in a country with very low internet usage, the BBC’s Syed Anwar in Kabul says the woman is a huge topic of conversation.

“We have seen thousands of people talk about it,” Anwar says. “Not only on social media but also in the streets people are talking about her, wondering if she is mentally ill or if she is protesting.” Read More…

First and foremost, the fact that this is even a news-worthy story disgusts me. Islam is the worst sickness to ever infect our planet. Secondly, what was the whole point of all the deaths of American soldiers and the billions upon billions of US taxpayer dollars spent if a woman still can’t walk down the streets of Kabul unless she is covered from head to toe in a blanket?


2014: A mystery woman walks through the streets of Kabul, the Afghan capital while baring her legs in apparent defiance of strict religious customs. Photo by Hayat Ensafi.

For Comparison:

1972: Three college-age girls freely walk down the streets of Kabul, with above-the-knee skirts.

1972: Three college-age girls freely walk down the streets of Kabul, with above-the-knee skirts.