I am not a big fan of pop music, but as far songs go I have heard far worse then the Pharrell Williams hit “Happy.” Its actually a pretty catchy tune, even if it is mildly annoying. Earlier this past year six young Iranians, using an Iphone 5S, decided to film and upload their own video for the song (as seen above) to social media.

As you can see Elvis Presley & his pelvis thrusting in the 50’s was far more provocative then anything going on in that video. However those ever-so-peaceful practitioners of the ‘Religion of Peace’ that run the Islamic Republic of Iran didn’t think so.

I mean oh my god, the girls heads were not covered up, the horror!


The three men, of the group of six, who appeared in the video.

Today the six kids were handed down sentences of 91 lashes and 6 months in prison for “obscene behavior.”

Via Reuters:

Another defendant who faced ‘heavier charges’ in relation to the video was handed a suspended sentence of one year in jail and 91 lashes by the authorities on Wednesday, the Iran Wire site quoted Farshid Rofugaran as saying.

He was quoted by Iran Wire as saying the verdicts had not been officially communicated to him and so he could not be completely sure about the information he had gathered.

The sentences are suspended for three years, meaning that if any of the seven is found guilty of a similar offense, the punishment is then carried out, he said without elaborating. Read more…

I don’t really want any more American soldiers sent home in pine boxes draped in flags, because our politicians are trying to force democracy upon the Middle East. But at the same time I hope for a world that the worst thing that happens to young people like the six Iranian youth in that video, is they get mocked for listening to crappy music.

Happiness shouldn’t be a crime in any country or any culture.